Beat the Everyday Hustle

As the Weekend comes to a close and I start to repeat the cycle of dreading the week ahead, I can't help but realise all the things I haven't done as a result of being, frankly, too damn busy!

You know that feeling of being over-worked, over-tired and just hating everything and everyone? Because same. Life is so busy and sometimes it feels like we will never get a break unless we pencil it into our diaries, weeks in advance! What we don't realise until we are absolutely drowning in commitments, is that some alone time to reflect, unwind and recuperate is OH SO incredibly important.

Wishing away the weekday routine so that we don't have to set that alarm calls for some sort of change! It doesn't have be an entire weekend, maybe just a day or even a few hours, but time to yourself is definitely needed.

Here are a few suggestions to beat the everyday hustle and take some much-needed time out for yourself.

Take a Stroll

If you are lucky enough to live so close to the beach, kill two birds with one stone and get some salty fresh air while strolling along the sunny, sandy beach. Finish off a bit of relax-time with a swim in the giant blue!

Say No to Social Media

Disconnect from the cyber world, even for just for an hour - you will thank yourself for it. Break from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter - in fact, turn your phone off! We spend far too long scrolling through new feeds and not actually connecting with people.

Be Alone 

Solitude allows you to reboot your brain and unwind. Make time to spend with yourself, even if you have to pencil it in! Whether it be for less than an hour, or a whole day. They say that only in your own company do you eventually find true contentment. You might even discover something about yourself you didn't already know!

Take a Bath 

If you have the luxury of having a bath at your house, why not throw in a bath bomb, light some candles, relax and reflect.

Make a Change

Change up your routine! Instead of going to your daily gym class, why not put that anxiety aside and give that yoga class a go! However big or small make a change, its good for your soul.

Do Something for Yourself

Lastly, try and do something, just one thing, for yourself every day! Just something small to show yourself a bit of love. Take a minute to meditate, spend some time listening to music, take yourself out to dinner or a movie, and definitely buy that dress!

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