Style Yourself Bohemian in 3 Easy Steps

Historically, Bohemian style emerged in the 1700s by way of creatives (such as intellectuals, musicians, artists and writers) being forced into poverty. The style was easy, inexpensive and reflected a minimalistic, nomadic lifestyle.

Today, Bohemian fashion projects relaxed, effortless style, and echoes the mind and lifestyle of the wearer - nothing says free spirit like the Bohemian look!

Encompassing elements of chunky gems or metals, printed fabrics, free-movement, and earthy tones, style yourself Bohemian in 3 easy steps:

    1.  Never underestimate a maxi skirt

      A simple, loose-fabric, printed maxi skirt will be a piece that you will recycle over and over again when fashioning relaxed bohemian wears. Your maxi will pair perfectly with a patterned midriff or lace tank.

        2.  Add a Hat

          Associated with the outdoors and travelling, nothing will chic up your Bohemian look more than an earthy tone, floppy brim hat! Instead, opt for a flower crown or fabric headband for a softer, romantic finish to your look. Note not to spend too much time on your hair! Messy, wavy, or textured hair compliments this look perfectly!

          3.  Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise!

          Gemstone rings are a must! Pick a blue quartz stone for calming and harmonious vibes. Slip on bangles upon bangles, the more unique the pieces, the better! Finally, add a chunky metal or fabric necklace, or layer up three or four assorted necklaces to add the perfect gypsy flair your look.

          These 3 steps are sure to add Bohemian flair to any outfit; we hope you enjoyed this post!
          Picture credit (left to right): Pinterest tillsfashiontrends.pw; thepeachskin.tumblr.com; T r e n d 2 W e a r

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