About Coco Lou

Coco Lou the Label is an Eco, Sustainable and Ethical brand, and we strive to bring awareness to our community on slow fashion. In an effort to stamp out fast fashion fads by making smarter choice’s for both you and our planet, we encourage you to ask the questions of Who, What and How your clothes were made.

Here at Coco Lou the Label, our vision highlights a carefree, layback lifestyle. With subtle colour palettes, feminine styles and comfortable fabrics. Each garment is locally designed by hand and manufactured with care.

Chloe, the Founder, Owner and Designer of Coco Lou the Label doesn’t design to fit in with seasons or conform with current trends, but allows the process to flow organically so that our eco conscious, sustainable garments never go out of style, can be worn all year round, season to season, and from day to night.

Chloe first discovered her love for fashion at a young age, but like many other creative women, she ignored her passion and went through the motions of life working 9-5 for someone else. Now, Chloe is ready to follow her heart and put her foot forward to bring her vision to life, and share her passion with you.

 With our Earth in Mind


We are excited to share with you our collection: 

Our easy fitting garments are individually crafted and sustainably conscious, using fabrics made from 100% Pure Linen, hand chosen by Chloe herself in Bali, Indonesia. Our Linen is natural, breathable and comfortable against the skin, making it the perfect addition to your wardrobe.