Sizing + Care Instructions


Measurements for each of our sizes are outlined below. Please Note, the size guides are general and as our garments are individually made, sizes may vary slightly between fabrications.


Did you know that Clothing accounts for around 3% of the global production (or 850 million metric tonnes) of CO2 emissions per year.  This figure includes both the production process and emissions produced after we have bought the clothing, such as when we’re washing, drying and ironing.  Yes 3% of the Globe!!! That is massive.

Here are our top tips to keep our emissions down, save energy and look after your garments so that they can be worn for years to come.

  • Wash only when needed 
  • Use a Mild Eco- friendly liquid washing detergent
  • Always wash on Cold 
  • Dry your Clothing in the Sun 
  • Only put a load on when it is full

If you follow these tips not only will you be taking that extra step for our Earth but you will also be looking after the natural fabrics and dyes in your Coco Lou pieces.